We Build Apps

Teedot Mobile is a custom software development and consultancy firm based in Toronto, Canada (hence the name). We specialize in custom iOS development for all iOS device types, including the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

You may learn more about us by checking out the site in detail, but if you need to take away one thing, let it be our software development mantra: the principles that guide and shape our software development and products.

Teedot Software Development Mantra

  • software is art

    the screen is the canvas, the code is the paint, and the developers are the artists

  • software should be simple

    as well as intuitive, useable, and professional

  • software is an experience

    that should always be fun, easy and delightful

  • software is productive

    by improving processes, increasing efficiency and maximizing reach

Thanks for checking out the site and remember: technology helps the world.

Michael Nolivos

Michael Nolivos, Founder & CEO