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Over 20,000 Graffiti’s Designed!

teedots first milestone

Since launching on January 18 of 2012, the response to Graffiti Designer has been excellent. teedot mobile is very pleased to announce the first milestone for the app (and for the company). As of April 3, 2012:

over 20,000¬†Graffiti’s have been designed!

That is around 260 per day since launch. We love this number because it means you love designing graffiti!

The app has been downloaded over 17,000 times

which means people like designing multiple graffitis, but there is still a lot of room for growth.

People also LOVE importing fonts from the Font Web Import Tool.

Over 10,000 fonts have been imported.

This statistic is probably the most important. It shows that the Font Web Import Tool is a popular feature, and is able to harness the power and openness of the web to allow convenient importing of awesome fonts. There is a lot of potential in the Font Web Import Tool for capturing the best and most imported fonts and providing only the best-of-the-best in a more compact, simplified importing experience.

Some cool things are cooking in the labs at teedot mobile. Currently, plans are for the following features to be released by Q2 2012.

  • Portrait mode graffiti on iPhone and iPod Touch. Save your graffiti in portrait.
  • Full shadow support including blur, distance and color.
  • In-app change to profile images for people in your device Contacts

We would like to remind you that we encourage and accept user feedback, and thank those whom have given their time and input to send us an email. You can use the “Email Contact” feature within the Settings section of the app for an easy way to connect with our team . If there are any features you would like to see in future updates of Graffiti Designer, please let us know in the comments or shoot me an email at: michael [at] teedotmobile.com.